Source code for mbe.groups

Created on Mar 6, 2015

The groups module contains functionality for checking group level rights.

@author: Nicklas Boerjesson


from decorator import getfullargspec

__author__ = 'nibo'

_groups = None

[docs]def init_groups(_database_access): """ Initiate the global groups object, load all groups from the provided database :param _database_access: A database access object :return: The global group object """ global _groups _groups = Groups(_database_access)
[docs]def has_right(_right, _user): """ Global convenience function, see Groups.has_right :param _right: """ global _groups if _groups: _groups.has_right(_right, _user)
[docs]def aop_has_right(_rights_function): """ A decorator for to supply the has_right functionality. Takes a function pointer. It is necessary to make it able to get the data in runtime. TODO: This is quite ugly. :param _rights_function: A pointer to a function that returns the right to check for :return: returns a decorator function. """ def wrapper(func): def wrapped_f(*args, **kwargs): # Get a list of the names of the non-keyword arguments # TODO: Add support for keyword arguments, can be convenient in cases where code is called from python _argument_specifications = getfullargspec(func) try: # Try and find _session_id user_idx = _argument_specifications.args.index("_user") except: raise Exception("Authentication aspect for \"" + func.__name__ + "\": No _user parameter in function.") if user_idx > len(args) - 1: raise Exception( "Authentication aspect for \"" + func.__name__ + "\": The _user parameter isn't supplied.") has_right(_rights_function(), args[user_idx]) return func(*args, **kwargs) return wrapped_f return wrapper
[docs]class RightCheckError(Exception): """Exception class for Rights errors""" pass
[docs]class Groups(): """ The Groups class is the central location for group management in MBE and holds the group cache. """ _groups = {} def __init__(self, _database_access): """ The class initiates by loading all groups from the database. :param _database_access: A database access object instance """ self._groups = {} self._database_access = _database_access self.reload_all()
[docs] def reload_all(self): """ Reload all groups from database """ self._groups.clear() _cursor = self._database_access.find( {"collection": "node", "conditions": {"schemaId": "5d3b8e21-adf3-4005-b73c-1fb63a46f399"}}) for _curr_group in _cursor: self._groups[_curr_group["_id"]] = _curr_group
[docs] def has_right(self, _right, _user): """ Check if a certain user, through group membership, holds a certain right. Raises a RightCheckError if npt :param _right: The right in question :param _user: A user object """ if type(_right) is list: for _curr_group in _user["groups"]: for _curr_right in _right: if _curr_right in self._groups[_curr_group]["rights"]: return _curr_group else: for _curr_group in _user["groups"]: if _right in self._groups[_curr_group]["rights"]: return _curr_group # TODO: Add nice-looking alert for all errors in UI _error = "The user \"" + _user["name"] + "\" doesn't have the " + str(_right) + " right." self._database_access.logging.log_security("right", _error, _user["_id"], None) raise RightCheckError("The user \"" + _user["name"] + "\" doesn't have the " + str(_right) + " right.")
def __iter__(self): """Access function for making the class iterable.""" return self._groups def __getitem__(self, item): """Access function for making the class iterable.""" return self._groups[item]