Source code for mbe.permission

    The permission module handles permissions for nodes.

from mbe.misc.schema_mongodb import mbe_object_id

__author__ = 'nibo'

[docs]def filter_by_group(_nodes, _permission, _user, _database_access, _error_prefix_if_not_allowed=None, _use_object_id=False): """This function filters a list of nodes based on what groups a user belong to and its right :param _nodes: A list of node :param _permission: The permission to check. For example "canRead" or "canWrite". :param _user: The user to check :param _database_access: A database access instance. :param _error_prefix_if_not_allowed: If set, the supplied error message is raised. Normally used when testing for\ write access. :param _use_object_id: If true, the node has ObjectId instances and not strings. :return: A list of nodes any of the users' groups have the permission defined in _permission for """ _result = [] _groups = _user["groups"] # Loop nodes for _curr_row in _nodes: _has_permission = False # Check if any of the group the user belongs to.. for _curr_group in _groups: # among those the node has listed having the requested permission if _use_object_id: if mbe_object_id(_curr_group) in _curr_row[_permission]: _has_permission = True break elif _curr_group in _curr_row[_permission]: _has_permission = True break if _has_permission: _result.append(_curr_row) elif _error_prefix_if_not_allowed: # Raise an error if a user lacks the _permission for. _error = _error_prefix_if_not_allowed + ":" + _user["name"] + " doesn't have the " + _permission + \ " for the " + _curr_row["name"] + "(" + str(_curr_row["_id"]) + ")-node." _database_access.logging.log_security("permission", _error, _user["_id"], str(_curr_row["_id"])) raise PermissionError(_error) return _result