Source code for qal.common.settings

Contains functionality for reading settings from ini-files

:copyright: Copyright 2010-2014 by Nicklas Boerjesson
:license: BSD, see LICENSE for details. 

import configparser

[docs]class UBPMSettings(object): """This class is responsible for reading settings from ini-files and holding them in memory.""" global Parser
[docs] def reload(self,filename): """Reload all information"""
[docs] def get(self, _section, _option, _default = None): """Get a certain option""" if (_default != None) and (not self.Parser.has_option(_section, _option)): return _default else: return self.Parser.get(_section, _option)
def __init__(self, filename): """Constructor""" self.Parser = configparser.ConfigParser() if (filename != ''): # TODO: Add better config support. self.reload(filename)