Source code for qal.common.substitution

    Variable substitution functionality
    :copyright: Copyright 2010-2014 by Nicklas Boerjesson
    :license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.

import datetime
import uuid
from getpass import getuser

[docs]class Substitution(object): """The Substitution class is responsible for replacing and generating variables for a substitution session. Using a session one can, for example, keep track of an identity increment. """ builtin_substitutions = None def __init__(self): self.builtin_substitutions = { "identity": self._builtin_identity, "uuid": self._builtin_uuid, "username": self._builtin_username, "curr_datetime": self._builtin_curr_datetime } self._builtin_identity_value = None def _builtin_username(self): """TODO: Secure this, this value depends on environment variables. On the other hand, the users doesn't need to use this function to insert a false user name. """ return getuser() def _builtin_curr_datetime(self): return def _builtin_uuid(self): return uuid.uuid4() def _builtin_identity(self): """Returns an int identity value""" if self._builtin_identity_value is None: self._builtin_identity_value = 0 _result = self._builtin_identity_value self._builtin_identity_value += 1 return _result
[docs] def set_identity(self, _value): self._builtin_identity_value = int(_value)
[docs] def substitute(self, _input): """ The substitute method scans _input for known substitution variables. It tries to keep the value within the same data type. :param _input: The substitution string, potentially holding substitution variables :return: Returns a value where all substitutions are made """ for _var_name, _var_func in self.builtin_substitutions.items(): _curr_subst = "::" + _var_name + "::" if _input == _curr_subst: # Its a single value, return value immidiately return _var_func() else: if _input.find(_curr_subst) > -1: _input = _input.replace(_curr_subst, str(_var_func())) return _input