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Created on Nov 3, 2013

@author: Nicklas Boerjesson

from lxml import etree
from os.path import exists

from qal.common.resources import Resources, Resource
from qal.common.strings import string_to_bool, make_path_absolute
from qal.common.mapping import Mapping

from qal.common.transform import perform_transformations, IfEmpty, Replace
from qal.dataset.factory import dataset_from_resource

from qal.common.xml_utils import xml_isnone
from qal.dataset.rdbms import RDBMSDataset
from qal.sql.macros import create_table_skeleton
from import Meta_Queries

[docs]class Merge(object): """ The merge class takes two datasets and merges them together. """ mappings = None """A list of Mapping(qal.common.mapping) instances""" key_fields = None """A list of key field field indexes (in the destination dataset)""" source = None """The source dataset""" destination = None """The destination dataset""" resources = None """A instance of a Resources object(see qal.common.resources)""" destination_log_level = None """The log level to pass to the destination dataset""" post_execute_sql = None """An optional SQL that is exececute in the destination context, only applicable to RDBMS destinations""" insert = None """If data that exists in the source should be inserted into the destination.""" delete = None """If data that do not exist in the source should be deleted the destination.""" update = None """If rows that are different in the source should be updated in the destination""" def __init__(self, _xml_node=None): """ Constructor """ self.mappings = [] self.key_fields = [] if _xml_node != None: self.load_from_xml_node(_xml_node) def _field_mappings_as_xml_node(self): _xml_node = etree.Element("field_mappings") for _curr_mapping in self.mappings: _xml_node.append(_curr_mapping.as_xml_node()) return _xml_node def _mappings_as_xml_node(self): _xml_node = etree.Element("mappings") _xml_node.append(self._field_mappings_as_xml_node()) return _xml_node def _settings_as_xml_node(self): _xml_node = etree.Element("settings") etree.SubElement(_xml_node, "insert").text = str(self.insert) etree.SubElement(_xml_node, "update").text = str(self.update) etree.SubElement(_xml_node, "delete").text = str(self.delete) etree.SubElement(_xml_node, "post_execute_sql").text = self.post_execute_sql return _xml_node
[docs] def as_xml_node(self): _xml_node = etree.Element('merge') _xml_node.append(self._mappings_as_xml_node()) _xml_node.append(self._settings_as_xml_node()) if self.resources is None: self.resources = Resources() if self.source is not None: try: _source_resource = self.resources.get_resource('source_uuid') except: _source_resource = None if _source_resource is None: _source_resource = Resource() _source_resource.uuid = 'source_uuid' _source_resource.caption = "source" self.resources.local_resources['source_uuid'] = _source_resource self.source.write_resource_settings(_source_resource) if self.destination is not None: try: _dest_resource = self.resources.get_resource('dest_uuid') except: _dest_resource = None if _dest_resource is None: _dest_resource = Resource() _dest_resource.uuid = 'dest_uuid' _dest_resource.caption = "destination" self.resources.local_resources['dest_uuid'] = _dest_resource self.destination.write_resource_settings(_dest_resource) """ TODO: Handle remotely defined resources properly. This way, they are included in the XML, which perhaps isn't right. Perhaps get_resource should return a tuple with a source parameter. """ if self.source is not None or self.destination is not None: # If either aren't set, anything in resources are likely to be residuals from earlier. # However, there could be old resources left in one of them. _xml_node.append(self.resources.as_xml_node()) return _xml_node
[docs] def load_field_mappings_from_xml_node(self, _xml_node): if _xml_node != None: _mapping_idx = 0 for _curr_mapping in _xml_node.findall("field_mapping"): _new_mapping = Mapping(_xml_node=_curr_mapping) self.mappings.append(_new_mapping) if _new_mapping.is_key == True: self.key_fields.append(_mapping_idx) _mapping_idx += 1 else: raise Exception("Merge.load_field_mappings_from_xml_node: Missing 'field_mappings'-node.")
[docs] def load_mappings_from_xml_node(self, _xml_node): if _xml_node != None: self.load_field_mappings_from_xml_node(_xml_node.find("field_mappings")) else: raise Exception("Merge.load_field_mappings_from_xml_node: Missing 'mappings'-node.")
[docs] def load_settings_from_xml_node(self, _xml_node): if _xml_node != None: self.insert = string_to_bool(xml_isnone(_xml_node.find("insert"))) self.update = string_to_bool(xml_isnone(_xml_node.find("update"))) self.delete = string_to_bool(xml_isnone(_xml_node.find("delete"))) self.post_execute_sql = xml_isnone(_xml_node.find("post_execute_sql")) else: raise Exception("Merge.load_settings_from_xml_node: Missing 'settings'-node.")
[docs] def load_from_xml_node(self, _xml_node): if _xml_node != None: self.load_mappings_from_xml_node(_xml_node.find("mappings")) self.load_settings_from_xml_node(_xml_node.find("settings")) self.resources = Resources(_resources_node=_xml_node.find("resources")) self.source = dataset_from_resource(self.resources.get_resource('source_uuid')) self.destination = dataset_from_resource(self.resources.get_resource('dest_uuid')) else: raise Exception("Merge.load_from_xml_node: \"None\" is not a valid Merge node.")
def _mappings_to_fields(self, _dataset, _use_dest=True): _dataset.field_names = [] _dataset.field_types = [] self.key_fields = [] if hasattr(_dataset, "field_xpaths"): _dataset.field_xpaths = [] for _curr_mapping_idx in range(len(self.mappings)): _curr_mapping = self.mappings[_curr_mapping_idx] if _use_dest: _curr_source_ref = _curr_mapping.dest_reference else: _curr_source_ref = _curr_mapping.src_reference if _curr_source_ref is not None and _curr_source_ref != "": _dataset.field_names.append(_curr_source_ref) if hasattr(_dataset, "filename"): _dataset.field_types.append("string") if hasattr(_dataset, "field_xpaths"): _dataset.field_xpaths.append(_curr_source_ref) def _load_datasets(self): # Load source_dataset try: self.source.load() except Exception as e: raise Exception("Merge._load_datasets: Failed loading data for source data set.\n" + \ "Check your mappings and other settings.\n" + \ "Dataset: " + str(self.source.__class__.__name__) + "\n" + \ "Error: " + str(e)) if self.source.field_names is None or len(self.source.field_names) == 0: self._mappings_to_fields(self.source, False) # Load destination dataset try: # Handle non-existing destination files or tables if (hasattr(self.destination, "filename") and not exists( make_path_absolute(self.destination.filename,self.destination._base_path))) or \ (isinstance(self.destination, RDBMSDataset) and len(Meta_Queries.table_info(self.destination.dal, self.destination.table_name)) == 0): self.destination.field_names = [_curr_mapping.dest_reference for _curr_mapping in self.mappings] self.destination.data_table = [] else: self.destination.load() except Exception as e: raise Exception("Merge._load_datasets: Failed loading data for destination data set.\n" + \ "Check your mappings and other settings.\n" + \ "Dataset: " + str(self.destination.__class__.__name__) + "\n" + \ "Error: " + str(e)) if self.destination.field_names is None or len(self.destination.field_names) == 0: self._mappings_to_fields(self.destination, True) if self.destination_log_level: self.destination._log_level = self.destination_log_level def _make_shortcuts_readd_keys(self, _mappings, _source_dataset, _destination_dataset): """Make a list of which source column index maps to which destination column index and readd keys""" _shortcuts = [] _key_fields = [] # Make mapping for _curr_mapping in _mappings: if _curr_mapping.src_reference is not None and _curr_mapping.src_reference != "": _src_idx = _source_dataset.field_names.index(_curr_mapping.src_reference) if _curr_mapping.is_key: _key_fields.append(_src_idx) else: _src_idx = None _dest_idx = _destination_dataset.field_names.index(_curr_mapping.dest_reference) _shortcuts.append([_src_idx, _dest_idx, _curr_mapping]) return _shortcuts, _key_fields def _remap(self, _shortcuts, _key_fields, _source_dataset, _destination_dataset): """Create a remapped source data set that has the same data in the same columns as the destination data set. Also and remaps keys.""" _mapped_source = [] # Loop all rows in the source data set for _curr_row in _source_dataset.data_table: # Create an empty row with None-values to fill later _curr_mapped = [] _curr_mapped.extend(None for x in _destination_dataset.field_names) # Loop all the shortcuts to remap the data from the source structure into the destinations # structure while applying transformations. for _curr_shortcut in _shortcuts: # Set the correct field in the destination data set if _curr_shortcut[0] is not None: _curr_mapped[_curr_shortcut[1]] = _curr_row[_curr_shortcut[0]] else: # The destination column did not exist in the source? Fill with None for now. _curr_mapped[_curr_shortcut[1]] = None _mapped_source.append(_curr_mapped) # Remap keys to match the fields in _mapped_source _mapped_keys = [] for _curr_key_field in _key_fields: for _curr_shortcut in _shortcuts: if _curr_key_field == _curr_shortcut[0]: _mapped_keys.append(_curr_shortcut[1]) return _mapped_source, _mapped_keys
[docs] def clear_log(self): if self.destination is not None: self.destination.clear_log()
[docs] def set_max_identities_for_mappings(self, _shortcuts, _source_dataset, _destination_dataset): """Loop through all mapping that uses identity """ def if_empty(_value): if _value == "": return 0 else: try: return int(_value) except ValueError: return 0 def find_max(_curr_shortcut): if _curr_shortcut[1] is not None: if len(_destination_dataset.data_table) > 0: _dest_max = max([if_empty(x[_curr_shortcut[1]]) for x in _destination_dataset.data_table]) else: _dest_max = 0 if _curr_shortcut[0] is not None: _src_max = max([if_empty(x[_curr_shortcut[0]]) for x in _source_dataset.data_table]) if _src_max > _dest_max: return _src_max return _dest_max else: return 0 _result = {} for _curr_shortcut in _shortcuts: _curr_mapping = _curr_shortcut[2] for _curr_transformation in _curr_mapping.transformations: if (isinstance(_curr_transformation, IfEmpty) and _curr_transformation.value is not None and _curr_transformation.value == "::identity::") \ or (isinstance(_curr_transformation, Replace) and is not None and"::identity::") > 1): _curr_mapping.substitution.set_identity(find_max(_curr_shortcut) + 1) break
[docs] def apply_modifications(self, _shortcuts, _data_table): _transformation_shortcuts = [] # Make a list of columns with transformations for _curr_shortcut in _shortcuts: _curr_mapping = _curr_shortcut[2] if len(_curr_mapping.transformations) > 0: _transformation_shortcuts.append(_curr_shortcut) for _curr_row in _data_table: for _curr_shortcut in _transformation_shortcuts: _curr_mapping = _curr_shortcut[2] try: _curr_row[_curr_shortcut[1]] = perform_transformations(_curr_row[_curr_shortcut[1]], _curr_mapping.transformations) except Exception as e: raise Exception("Transformation:\nError in applying transformations for row " + str(_data_table.index(_curr_row)) + ", column \"" + str(_curr_mapping.dest_reference) + "\":\n" + str(e)) return _data_table
[docs] def execute(self, _commit=True): """ Execute the merge and return the results. :param _commit: Actually save the result :return: The merged dataset, the destination log, deletes, inserts, updates """ # Load both source and destination data tables self._load_datasets() # Make shortcuts between source and destination and add key fields _shortcuts, self.key_fields = self._make_shortcuts_readd_keys(self.mappings, self.source, self.destination) # Create a remapped version of the source dataset data table to match the field order of the destination _mapped_source, _mapped_keys = self._remap(_shortcuts, self.key_fields, self.source, self.destination) # If there are any identity references, find and set identity seed to the highest value in # either source or destination. If there aren't any, it will start att zero. self.set_max_identities_for_mappings(_shortcuts, self.source, self.destination) # Apply substitutions, transformations _mapped_source = self.apply_modifications(_shortcuts, _mapped_source) #Merge the datasets _merged_dataset, _deletes, _inserts, _updates = self.destination.apply_new_data(_mapped_source, _mapped_keys, _insert=self.insert, _update=self.update, _delete=self.delete, _commit=_commit) if _commit: if self.post_execute_sql is not None and self.post_execute_sql != "" and hasattr(self.destination, "dal"): self.destination.dal.execute(self.post_execute_sql) self.destination.dal.commit() return _merged_dataset, self.destination._log, _deletes, _inserts, _updates